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  Maascons Power Savers (MPS)
  Working Principle
  Critical power factor Management coupled with matching of impedance and constantly monitoring the load, the Optimizing function can regulate the electrical supply to the load, to match precisely what is needed. These results in substantial savings in power consumption.
  Technical Benefits
bullet Guaranteed Savings up to 25% in lighting loads.
bullet Up to 15% saving in Air – condition and mixed loads.
bullet DB wire Installation without retrofitting of lamps and devices.
bullet Protection of circuit, form spikes and surges.
bullet Improves power quality on demand side.
bullet Life span up to 20 years with traditional maintenance.
  Financial Benefits
bullet Eligible for 80% depreciation in the first year of its investment under Income Tax act.
bullet Low pay bank period.
bullet Financial options for procurement available on approval.
  Application Segments
bullet Hotels
bullet Hospitals
bullet Shopping malls & jewellery showrooms
bullet Schools, colleges & Hostels
bullet Petrol Pumps
bullet Officers, BPO’s / Banks / Retail chain stores
bullet Street lights / Sign Boards / Hoardings
bullet All types of Industries
bullet Intelligent Energy monitoring embedded devices
bullet Rice mills